Fire lighting and boiling water

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The objective is to light a fire within a set amount of time, good enough to boil water


Fire lighting kit; kettle or old food tin or suitable container etc - anything that will hold at least 500ml; Patrols to provide their own


In patrols, the Scouts have to organise themselves to light a fire and to build a gadget to allow them to heat water over the fire. They will be given 500ml of water and a leader will tell a leader to decide whether or not it is boiling. The patrol will be awarded points for every 500mls they boil within the allotted time for the actvity. They can try to boil several lots at once or one after the other but should be left to work this out for themselves. Points will also be awarded for the quality and effectiveness of the gadget.Points will go towards the inter-patrol competition scores. Containers placed directly on the fire don't count!!


  • boiling water
  • fire
  • fire lighting
  • inter-patrol competition

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