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creating a set of rules for your section


pens or pencils and a couple of large sheets of paper (lining paper rolls are great for this)


In their Lodges let the members write all the things they find makes your section meetings difficult on one large sheet of paper (graffiti style) give them no more than 5 minutes.

Once this is complete talk about the things written on there sheets and how it can be improved. Create statements into rules for your section.

Prevent groups starting a blame situation, this is not about any one individual. If any child does have particular difficulties with another child that you are not already aware of, take them aside for a quiet conversation. It is suggested that this must stop so through discussion the rule becomes that everybody.

Always avoid saying NO in a rule as children ignore this and sometimes don't know what they should be doing instead. So instead of NO talking when the leaders are talking you should word it as everybody must be quiet when leaders are talking.
Rules can be displayed for all to see.


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