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This is a team throwing and catching game.
This was a ball game played by both genders of the Juwalarai people in New South Wales, Australia. A ball (boogalah) was made of sewn-up kangaroo skin. In playing the game all of one Dhé, or totem, were team-mates.


Ball, 2 teams


Game play and basic rules
All the players start in the middle of the playing area. To decide who will start the game a player (or referee) throws the boogalah into the air and the player who catches it moves with their totem (team) to stand in a group in the middle of the playing area. The other team is in a circle around them.
The boogalah is thrown high into the air and the players attempt to catch it for their team.
The players in the circle cannot move to catch the boogalah until it is thrown in the air. If a player from the outside circle catches it, his or her side goes into the middle to swap places with the other team. Teams change places quickly. Physical contact should be avoided as much as possible.


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