Code Names

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Through the evening children learn to present their names in a number of different formats.
We have chosen semaphore, braille and morse code (other could include sign language or set codes)


Print out of alphabet in each of the chosen mediums
paper, polystyrene or split peas/lentils and biros (for braille)
paper and pens (morse code)
flags (semaphore)


3 bases with a different leader on each teaching the children the letters required to build up their names. Multipy sheets of the alphabet needed in each medium. Older one will be able to copy the sheet on their own, younger ones will need some help. Braille writting can be done by putting paper onto polystyrene and making indents with a biro or blunt pencil.


  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • code breaking
  • creative
  • stories

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