Round Town Quiz

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A series of 6 or 8 digit grid references identifying locations around the town or local area. Each grid reference has an associated question. The questions can only be answered once the Explorers have reached the correct locations.


Maps, Compasses, Questions sheets, Pencil/Pen


Download from Get-A-Map or purchase OS 1:25000 scale map of area to use.

Select several places of interest that are scattered evenly across the town. Useful here to choose locations that Explorers should be aware of - Police station, Fire station, Health centre, place of worship etc.

Visit each site and find a piece of information only available at the site - something on a noticeboard, an architectural feature of a building, some graphic aspect of a logo, details of opening times, names/contact details of key people that are displayed (telephone number for out of hours services etc.)

Construct a set of grid reference for each location (possibly with a bearing to the next location) arrange the references in a spreadsheet with the questions next to them and a space for the answers.

Create several spreadsheets with the locations in different orders so that the Explorers can be grouped and dispatched without the risk of them following each other.

Arrange start and finish location it is a good idea to make the course the Explorers will follow circular with this location as a spot in the middle of the circle so that you are never to far away if needed.

Groups of between 4 to 6 work best, try and ensure that the skills are evenly spread across the groups so that all stand a chance. Be aware of the suitability of your area for this activity.

A pre-agreed text message or whistle/air horn (depends on the area in use) needs to be set up so that in the event of an emergency you can call the Explorers in and so that they can call you to them if needed.


  • Groups
  • leadership
  • local knowledge
  • map reading
  • map work
  • navigation

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