Blind Obstacle Course

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In pairs, one blindfolded, Beavers/Cubs/Scouts guide each other around a set obstacle course.


Hoop, course markers, skittles, cones


Leader sets out a course using markers. Each pair compete against the clock to complete the course. The course can be made as easy or as challenging as necessary to meet the abilities. One of the pair is blindfolded, the other guides (suggest holding hands for Beavers) and gives directions.

Suggestion for simple Beaver course: Between two markers, around another marker and back through a held hoop before returning to start/finish line

Suggestion for Scout course: Scramble Nets, Football around cones, Head on a stick and spin etc...

For older scouts and Explorers, you can expand it further by having more people in a team with only one that can see, or to make the seeing scout unable to move, and can only use non verbal communication (sheep dog calls, etc)


  • #1LHB
  • blindfold
  • obstacle course
  • Skills Badge
  • Team challenge
  • teamwork

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