Chinese Lanterns

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A craft evening for each young person to produce a Chinese lantern, understand what they represent and why they are produced. To complete the task, a wish should be written on each of the lanterns, specific to each young person before finally lighting them and letting them go outside.


Craft materials, thin crepe paper for producing the lantern with wire to produce a thin framework.


To start, a small introduction is needed to describe the task, the chinese culture and why lanterns are produced and let go. Make sure a demonstration if first done so that all of the young people can see exactly what is happening (this can be a step by step guide with the young people producing their lanterns at the same time or as a demonstration first of all with them copying afterwards). Once all of the lanterns are produced, have another sit down session with a talk regarding the use of personalised wishes that can be added to the lanterns as a sign of good luck. Other forms of luck that the Chinese celebrate and display, such as red envelopes that are passed down through families, etc. Finally get the young people to attach their wishes onto the lanterns and take them all outside in order to light each lantern in groups of 3-4 and send it up into the sky.


  • Chinese
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Chinese New Year
  • craft
  • religion

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