Intelligent Booking Logic

Customers can book your facilities online according to your rules...

  • Prevent double-bookings
  • Manually approve bookings or allow automatic bookings
  • Enforce entire venue capacity limits
  • Minimum/maximum length of visit
  • Nested items (e.g. a booking of a room in a building will prevent the entire building from being booked)
  • Day & time restrictions (e.g. to prevent weekday day-time bookings)
  • Unavailable dates (e.g. to prevent bookings over Christmas or maintenance weekends)
  • Bookings can be forced to start or end on a certain day of the week (e.g. to enforce Saturday - Saturday bookings in the summer holidays)
  • Ask additional questions (e.g. age of participants)
  • Minimum/maximum notice (e.g. to prevent last minute bookings)
  • Prevent some organisations from booking items (e.g. for scout-only items)
  • Minimum/maximum number of people per session
  • Set session times, or allow customers to choose their own subject to your rules (e.g. minimum duration, change-over times, etc)
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Intelligent Pricing

Fully customisable pricing system - charge per-person, per-session, or both - with minimum pricing and deposits.

  • Tailor prices for each organisation (e.g. scouts vs guides vs schools)
  • Accept card payments
  • Customers can authorise automatic deposit and balance payments
  • Track manual payments
  • Generate payment requests automatically
  • Use any combination of per-person, per-session and minimum prices
  • Require a deposit before booking is confirmed (fixed amounts per item, percentage, or both)
  • Change your prices from a point in the future
  • Automatically cancel bookings if the deposit hasn't been paid
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Easy for Leaders and Customers

Leaders and customers can book without emails, phone-calls or paperwork!

  • OSM users can book through OSM in their 'Your Events' or 'Your Programme' areas or via the Campsite Directory
  • Other users can book through a booking portal - no website integrations needed
  • You can add bookings manually
  • Automatic, customisable welcome emails
  • Photos, descriptions, instructions and T&Cs
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Instructor Rota

Manage your instructors with ease, or allow them to sign themselves up to sessions.

  • Restrict instructors by their qualifications
  • Number of instructors required is calculated based on ratios and minimums
  • Instructors can receive email reminders and calendar feeds for their sessions
  • Instructors can receive daily/weekly emails asking them to sign up to instruct sessions that need instructors
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Introductory Pricing

These prices will be respected for anyone signing up now - they may change for new customers in the future.

  • First £12.5k = 2%
  • Next £12.5k = 1.75%
  • Next £25k = 1.5%
  • Then 1.25% (contact us for bespoke pricing if your turnover is more than £100k)

Optional £36 annual charge if you want to allow customers to make bookings themselves (listing your venue within OSM and via our external booking system). This fee is returned to you as credit for booking fees (so it is effectively a minimum spend).

How it works:

  • You top up your account via card or bank transfer.
  • Every time a payment is received, we calculate the amount to deduct your account by.
  • Tiers are reset annually based on your first top-up date.


  • £1k of bookings = £1k at 2% is £20. However, if you are allowing customers to book directly, you will have paid £36 so that is all you will spend.
  • £10k of bookings = £10k at 2% is £200.
  • £15k of bookings = first £12.5k at 2% is £250, next £2.5k at 1.75% is £43.75, resulting in a total cost of £293.75.
  • £30k of bookings = first £12.5k at 2% is £250, next £12.5k at 1.75% is £218.75, and final £5k at 1.5% is £75, resulting in total cost of £543.75.

If you choose to take card payments through Stripe, they will be subject to Stripe's standard fees.

By using this service, you agree to list your venue's actual prices (i.e. you cannot list everything as free and request payment outside the system) and record all payments received. Your service will be terminated if you abuse the system.

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