Hiking/Camping Equipment

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Beavers learn what is needed for camp


Rucksack and kit list items, plus extra unnecessary items


Split into lodges
=Beavers have a rucksack and a selection of items needed and not needed for camp
=One by one they take an item out of the rucksack and agree as a lodge whether it is needed or not.
=NB, must contain all the items listed on the kit list for camp
Back to one colony
=Explain to Beavers what will happen on camp
=Do they have any questions?
=explain it is really important they behave well and we WILL be calling parents to collect if they misbehave - even if it is middle of the night!
=explain points for best behaved lodge, and for tidiest tent
Parent Briefing
=cover start and end time & procedures.
=ensure medical forms are complete.
=go through kit list
=explain that child needs to be with you when you pack their bags


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