Camp Purchase

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Patrols given a budget and purchase all the equipment they need for camp


Camp equipment, red herrings, price tags


Lay out all equipment for camp - from tent to utensils along with a few red herrings, such as a console game & chocolate gateau. Put a price with each item (a price list sheet may be easier), vary the prices though remember to mark up prices to fit within the budget given to patrols. If all correct equipment is purchased it will add up to the budget total.
Give each patrol the budget and let them shop through the equipment to purpose the items they want, spending as much of the budget as they see fit.
Add up all the items, give them the total.

You can either advise and correct them at the end, or if you really want to give them a test, so long as they have purchased a tent, let them make do with the equipment they have purchased for the duration of camp.
It is an excellent way to have them think on their feet of alternative solutions when they realise they are missing the necessary equipment needed to complete a task throughout camp.


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  • New skills
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  • team building
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