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Widegame based around smugglers. Involves using gird refs to find items and places then build a signaler


ropes, poles, candles, matches, jam jars, maps of local area


This widegame encourages participants to use map reading skills, teamwork and building skills.

Scouts are given a map with instructions (see attached or below). They must hare around a village or well defined area looking for the materials to build their signalling station. The team to win is the first to build said station and light their candle.

We live by the sea so we coastalise this widegame by ending up on the beach signalling to a boat that we pretend one of our friends own lol :)

Instructions to be given to Scouts are also in the word doc attached


Your patrol are helping to smuggle contraband Scout badges into [Insert placename here]. Awaiting nearby is a [boat/van] load of badges however the smugglers cannot work out where [Insert placename here] is as a [seagull/urban fox] ate their map. Scattered around [Insert placename here] are items that will help you make a device to signal to the [van/boat]. Use your map reading skills then your pioneering skills to collect these materials and create a free standing beacon.

Here are a few things to remember whilst out and about
Remember team work is critical in this challenge. You must stick together as a patrol to avoid getting disqualified
Use your patrols members strengths to your advantage.
Be safe and respect the [Insert placename here] community, you are Scouts not yobs

Here are the co-ordinates for the hidden materials you will need.

Poles - [Insert grid refs or clues here]
Rope - [Insert grid refs or clues here]
Jar - [Insert grid refs or clues here]
Candle – [Insert grid refs or clues here]
Signal point - [Insert grid refs or clues here]


  • map reading
  • pioneering
  • teamwork
  • wide game

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