Mountain Rescue Style Challenge

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A role playing scenario of a lost injured person - pretend it is happening in Snowdonia/equivalent.


Stretcher, First Aid Kit, Blanket, Torches.


5-mins brief.
10 mins to collect kit.
max 20 mins to find injured person.

They need to sketch a map to the location to understand how support is given to Mountain Rescue.
They then plan how they will search (in a line, box, circle)

Time is critical so they stay focussed and appreciate the urgency.

Send the "injured" person into the designated area. The person should groan when called to, but not too loudly.
Then allow the team to run through the scenario of making a map of the surroundings, collecting/making kit and then searching for the lost person.
Stress the importance of being quick and efficient.

Debrief afterwards, allowing the injured person to give feedback.


  • Lifesaver
  • navigation
  • rescue

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