Cup of worms (Dirt Cup)

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Make your own cup of worms (Makes 6)


1 packet of chocolate powdered dessert (the type that can be whisked with milk to make mousse)
300ml of milk (or plant-based alternative)
1 packet of round chocolate
sandwich biscuits
12 to 18 gummy worm sweets
6 clear pots or jars, for serving
A large bowl
Sandwich bag
Rolling pin


1) Empty the packet of chocolate dessert mix into a large bowl.
2) Pour in the milk and whisk until well combined.
3) Place the chocolate sandwich biscuits into a sandwich bag and seal the bag.
4) Carefully smash the biscuits until they form a fine crumb mixture.
5) Use a spoon to place alternating layers of chocolate-flavoured dessert and crushed biscuits into the pots, making sure to end with a layer
of crushed biscuits.
6) Garnish with two or three gummy worms on the top of each pot.
7) Chill in the fridge until ready to serve


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