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Cooking Frankfurters and marshmallows over a bonfire finishing with some songs


Bamboo canes
Masking tape
bamboo skewers
Frankfurters (cut in half) - so I don't have to worry whether the Beavers have actually cooked sausages all th way through before they get eaten!
Bucket of water nearby for Health and Safety reasons


Bamboo canes have bamboo skewers taped with masking tape to the end of them so that the Beavers do not have to go too close to the fire
Cut the frankfurters in half and skewer them onto the bamboo skewers
Let the Beavers cook them
When the Beavers have finished then let them toast marshmallows
Finish off with some singing - this then can last as long as you wish!


  • bonfire
  • campfire
  • frankfurters
  • marshmallows
  • singing

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