DIY Tools

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Having a table of tools, letting the children handle the tools and become familiar with them.


Tenon saw, hack saw, claw hammer, cross head and flat head screwdrivers, spanners, spirit level, tape measure, stanley knife, adjustable spanner. Also spare lengths of wood, nails, screws.


At the start of the Cub meeting, move through the tools, giving the children a brief and simple discription of what they are and what they do. They can then, under supervision, (in their sixes) pick up the tools, with an adult.
Then we set up three bases:
1) For using the tenon saw, cutting through lengths of wood.
2) For putting in various size nails into a piece of wood and then, using a claw hammer, taking them back out again
3) For putting various screws into a piece of wood, flat head and cross head

Finally they will make sure the tools are clean, and how to store them correctly and safetly.


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