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Teach members to sew on a badge


A badge, pin, needle and thread - enough for 1 per a member
Scissors (preferably material scissors)
Stitch undoer may be useful for any mistakes
coloured threads


1) Sit down the members down in a group, in front of someone who can sew and is leading activity. Get other leaders and helpers to mix with the members to help whenever needed
2) Go through the steps of sewing on a badge - starting with tying a knot in the thread which will not go through the material
3) Thread the needle
4) Pin the badge onto the jumper in the right place
5) Starting on the inside of the jumper, push the needle through the material on the outside of the badge
6) Push the needle through both the badge and the material of the jumper on the inside of the badge rim making sure it only goes through 1 piece of material and dont sew any sleeves shut!
7) Move needle round and repeat until the whole badge is sewn all the way round
8) On the inside of the jumper, thread the needle through some previous stitches and then through the loop created. This should tie a knot in the end of the stitching
9) Repeat until badge is secure and using sissors cut off any excess thread so it does not catch

The tighter the stitches, the more secure the badge is.

Make sewing on a badge the Leader's Challenge in the Personal Challenge award.


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