Camp Plate and Cutlery Bag

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Make your own plate bag for camp.


Each Cub will need to bring a tea towel (new or old but definitely clean!). Other materials needed - Sail makers twine/thread (or similar) for strength, embroidery needle each (or similar ensuring large enough eye), cord for drawstring, pins. Large safety pins.


Fold tea towel in half and sew up sides using blanket stitch. Try and make sure the stitches aren't too big and that the start and finish are secure. Turn inside out. Fold top down 3cm, pin and stitch in place using backstitch, leaving ends open to thread cord. Cut cord to 3 times the width of the bag. Attach the safety pin to the cord and feed through. Unclip safety pin and tie knot in end and voila - a drawstring bag to keep your cutlery and crockery in at camp. A 'standard size tea towel will accommodate a 25cm plate + bowl + mug + cutlery with a bit of room to spare. Embroider e.g. with Name/Group using split/chain stitch and embroidery thread or sew badges on or similar.


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