Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley travels the world electronically making links with other scouts around the world


Flat Stanley book is nice to have, Paper, colouring pencils, bluetak, stickers, camera/scanner, pc or smartphone and Facebook.


Read a couple of chapters of the Flat Stanley book, so the children/YP can get an idea of who Flat Stanley is and what he can do. Then get them to draw their own Flat Stanley pictures, bluetak them around the hall, ask the children/YP to have a good look at all the pictures, then take a sticker and vote for their favorite picture by putting the sticker at the bottom (being careful not to spoil the picture). Once they have chosen, the leader then takes a picture/scans him (I made a beaver jumper & a white scarf for him). Post this on Facebooks (it has many scouting pages) asking other groups to print him colour in his scarf and tell you a bit about themselves & their country and either snail mail or email him back to you.


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