Find the Electronic Symbols

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Around the hut are hidden a number of electronic symbols with their descriptions. The Cubs have to find the description and stick a copy of that symbol on their answer sheet.


The complete and empty answer sheets attached.
Glue Stick/Sellotape


Print as many of both sheets as there are Sixes plus two more of the complete sheet (one as an answer sheet if you need it).

Cut up the symbols on one sheet per six (without the descriptions). The Cubs will stick these onto their blank answer sheets as they find the answers.
Cut up one of the other complete sheets (with the descriptions still attached) into strips. Stick these to the walls around the hut. As hard or easy as you like.

In their sixes (so working together or sharing the symbols out), give the Cubs 15 minutes to correctly place the symbols against the descriptions on their sheet. They may be able to do some of them straight away so get them to go find the symbol anyway and see if they can find all of them.


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