Do your best

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Law & Promise evening - theme: do your best.

Each patrol devises and then acts out a short play on St. George and the Dragon followed by each Scout writing out 3 occasions when they have done their best and the difference it made


see attachments, "sword/lance", blanket for dragon


Ask the scouts if they know the story of St. George and the Dragon and tell them the theme of the evening is "do your best". If they do, get them to tell it or tell them the story. Give the patrols 15 minutes to devise a short play and show them the props (a sword or lance and a blanket for the dragon). Get the patrols to perform their play and get the leaders to give scores. Get the leaders to nominate and then vote on the best St George, dragon, princess, terrified villagers etc. Then sit the scouts down, explain "do your best" again and get them to complete and hand in the do your best forms.


  • creative
  • Done their best
  • scout

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