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- Cubs stand in a line back to back in pairs. The leader shouts start and
the Cubs must walk slowly away from each other. The leader waits a few
seconds then shouts Halt!
- The cubs must stop and face each other. Cub one in the pair must
decide how many steps they think it would take them to reach their
opponent and declare this. If the opponent thinks they could do it in less
steps they respond with a lower figure. If they don’t think they could do it
less steps they must say ‘prove it.’ The two may take it in turns to say
successively lower figures until one says ‘prove it’.
- The player who must ‘prove it’ must stride forward towards their
opponent. If he does it in the quoted figure or less he wins, if it takes
more he loses.
- The losers then sit out and the winners play the winners until you have a
final winner!


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