Co-operative Balloons

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Balloons, Four large cardboard boxes, An inflated balloon for each pair of Cubs, A thin strip of card, approximately 3cm x 60cm for each Cub.


- Place one cardboard box in each corner of the room.
- Cubs sit in a circle with the balloons in the middle.
- Give each Cub one of the cardboard strips and explain that they can
only hold it at one end.
- Explain that they have to move all the balloons into the boxes using only
the cardboard strips. Ask them to suggest ways of doing this.
- Each time a Cub makes a suggestion, let them try it out. You may have
to remind the Cubs that they are only allowed to use their strip of card.

If they do not see that two Cubs with
their cardboard strips are needed to
pick up a balloon, you may need to
drop some hints, for example
pointing out that there are only half
as many balloons as there are


  • game
  • team building
  • teamwork

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