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Fun game to help learn the Phonetic Alphabet




Based on the "King of the Jungle" game, with the idea of trying to get to the number 1 position:
Scouts sit round in a circle and are each assigned a letter for the phonetic alphabet (first person is 'Alpha', second is 'Bravo', etc), the first Scout will then say "Alpha to ....." and picks another letter eg "Alpha to Golf", the person with that letter must then pass on the command eg "Golf to Romeo" and so on.
If a Scout makes a mistake, eg the wrong person answers, or they pick a letter that doesn't exist (or is too slow), then they move to become the last letter (eg 'Zulu') and everybody behind them moves up a letter (eg 'Hotel' now becomes 'Golf').

The idea of the game is to try and get to the 'Alpha' position (by getting everybody else to make a mistake).

A few other rules to make it more interesting can include:
- you can't go back to the person who has just passed on to you (eg 'Golf' can't go back to 'Alpha' if the last command was "Alpha to Golf")
- you can't select the letter next to you (eg. 'Golf' can't select 'Foxtrot' or 'Hotel')
- anything else you like to add in (eg. vowels can only pick consonants and visa verca)


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