Get the Prisoner

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(neckerchiefs will work fine), 2
chairs, rope / sisal.


- Split the group into 2 teams, one team is the attacking team and the
other is the defending team
- Two members of the attacking team are put on the chair with a piece of
rope loosely wrapped around their arms
- The rest of the attacking team leave the room and the defending team
position themselves around the chair and then put blindfolds on
- Once the defending team are all blindfolded, the attacking team come
back in and must try and release the prisoners
- To recue the prisoner they must get to them with out being caught by
the defending Team and then untie the rope
- They must then lead the prisoner to safety
- If any of the attacking team members are caught they then sit out untilthe game restarts
- The game finishes when both the prisoners are released or all the
attacking team have been caught
- Swap the teams over and start again


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