The Treasure Hunt

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A treasure hunt with a difference - tokens and instructions to claim further tokens are hidden around area. Tokens are then exchanged for prizes at the end of the meeting. As each token can be traded for a prize, patrols must work as a team to maximise their finds, so that each team member gets a reward (we used treat-size haribo bags).


- Printouts of clues and instructions (see downloads below)
- Map of area (optional)
- Flags/glowsticks to make hiding places more obvious (optional)
- "Treasure tokens" - I made these from plastic colured file dividers. We had seven different colours, but this should be adapted as required. Ideally you would have the same number of colours as you have members in your patrols, so that if the patrol do well and find one of every colour, they will win a prize for each member of the patrol. Each colour token corresponds to a different clue. You need the same number of tokens of each colour as the number of patrols, plus an extra bonus token (marked *) in each colour. For example, we have three patrols, so we had 28 tokens in total - four each of seven colours.
- Prizes - you need the same number of prizes as you have got tokens (in case they are all found!) We used haribo treat-size starmix bags.


1. Hide the clues (and tokens for instant finds) around playing area.

2. Either mark hiding locations on map or use flags/glowsticks to make it easier to find the locations.

3. Scouts work as a team to find as many tokens as possible. Their aim is to end up with a token of each colour which can be exchanged for prizes. Tokens will either by 'instant find', ie, hidden with the clue, or the clue(s) will provide detailed instructions of how to claim the clue. Scout leaders, wandering the playing area, have tokens to hand out. Scouts will need to state which colour token they are claiming and then carry out the instructions for claiming the token. Scout leaders must ensure the correct procedure is followed before awarding a token. If not, Scouts may need to return to the clue, to re-read the instructions.

4. Run the 'local antique market'. Patrols will be dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis. Patrols may claim any additional tokens which they have discovered the clues for, before swapping all their tokens for prizes.

No Scout must be by themselves - any Scout spotted on their own will lose a token for their team.
Tokens may only be swapped for tokens within a 10 minute period at the end of the game - handy for ensuring all Scouts return at end of meeting!
Clues must be left in situ.


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