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Version 1

1. One wall of the hall is designated as North. Cubs then must work out where the other points of the compass are.
2. A leader calls out a point of the compass. The last cub to arrive in the correct place is out.
3. For increasing levels of difficultly (scouts) add intermediate points such as North-East or South-West.
4. A further extension (explorers) is to call out a bearing between 0 and 360 degrees.

Version 2

1. Tell the Young People that the wall they are standing at is North (for Beavers & Cubs it is worth asking them what the other wall will be before starting).
2. Call out a point of the compass. The last person to arrive in the correct place is out
3. Introduce to additional calls:- Compass spinning (Arms out and spin round), Compass on hike (walk around the room), Compass broken (run haphazardly around the room), Compass lost (keep still)
4. To make it more difficult; the leader can move to a different wall and this move the position of North.
5. You can add intermediate compass points & bearings for older sections if you wish to do so.

Version 3 for Zoom meetings

1. Tell the young people their computer screen is North, opposite their screen is South, right is East and left is West.
2. Follow the above instructions!!


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