The Beaver Scout Promise

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How the story 'The Lion & The Mouse' relates to the Beaver Scout Promise


Story book or video clip of 'The Lion & The Mouse' story, Colouring/writing work sheet, colouring/writing pencils. Have added word doc of story that can be acted out.


Play video clip of story (or read story) to the Beavers. Ask the Beavers to recite their Beaver Promise. Discuss how the story relates to their Promise. Give the Beavers a worksheet which asks them to draw a picture and write a sentence of how they can use the story & their Promise in their everyday life. Each Beaver can show and explain their picture to the rest of the colony.

If acting out the story, read the attached story to the beavers, using (x3) leaders as the three characters
Then discuss how their story relates to their promise

Read story again (1 leader) and use the trigger words - for when selected beavers jump up, go around the circle and give beavers a role Lion, Mouse, Majesty, Roar, Free and Life.


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  • colouring
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