Picture orienteering

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Simple orienteering using pictures rather than grid references


Location cards
Answer sheets


Before the activity:

- You will need to visit the venue for your orienteering and take eight photographs of different locations (e.g. a flag pole at a campsite)
- At each of these locations you will need to place a marked card (see attachment), which will show the number of the picture and a letter that fits into the answer sheet (see attachment). You will also need to add a random word to the card to prevent the teams guessing the last few letters
- If you use the example on the attachment you will not need to adapt the activity. The question in the example is 'add up the age of your team'

During the activity:

- Split the Section into teams or patrols
- Explain that the object of this game is to find a secret location, using a picture and to write down the information left at the secret location, on the answer sheet provided
- When you have all of the information your team will need to return to the start point, and collect another photo
- When all eight photos have been found the completed answer sheet must be returned to the start point
- The first team to return a correctly completed answer sheet wins



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