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4 stations for lodges to rotate through, with different construction modalities at each.


Lego, Meccano, K'Nex, straws/connectors, midget gems/cocktail sticks, pipe cleaners (Choose 4, add any we may have missed)


Colony divided into 4 groups (lodges). At each station there will be a construction modality to create from. 10 mins at each station (40 mins total)
1) Lego - selection of various Lego bricks etc
2) Meccano
3) Straw/connectors - proprietary kit or plain drinking straws cut to different lengths and joined at the junctions with Blu-Tak to build whatever!
4) Midget gems used as connectors for cocktail sticks to build similar structures to (3)......challenge is to have enough midget gems left for the last group to use!

(You could use different construction kits or material if you have them available, e.g. K'Nex, pipe cleaners)


  • activity badges
  • Building
  • construction
  • creativity
  • lego
  • meccano

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