Model map making

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Creating a model of a landscape using the contours of a map


Map, cardboard, scissors, tracing paper, old newspaper for papier mache, water and flour, mixing jug, various paints, optional landscaping items e.g. tress, houses, railway line etc


1. Trace contours from the map, overlay onto cardboard cutting out the various sizes. 2. using a cardboard base build up the shape of the landscape from the cut out pieces of cardboard going from largest to smallest. 3. Rip strips of paper and place into mixing bowl add flour and water to make a paste dip strips of paper into paste and place over cut out cardboard building up to create the shape of the landscape. 4. Allow to dry for several days then paint coloured landscape and add detail of houses trees bushes etc. 5. Allow Cubs/Scouts to compare what they see on the map to how the landscape looks as a 3d model.


  • landscape
  • Map Reader - Contour
  • mapmaking
  • model making
  • model painting
  • papier mache

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