Basic Route Plan

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Complete a route plan for a short hike with a group of scouts.


Route plan sheet
Appropriate OS Maps for where you want to go
Compass or protractor for working out bearings
Pencil, rubber, spare paper for working out


In small groups plan a suitable route for a short journey.

Explain the importance of route cards, and the need to leave one with a responsible person, and to ensure that it is all complete so that you know what kit you need, what to do in an emergency, and how to make contact to notify people when you return.

Also that you need to stick to the route that you have planned, and to take note of the sort of terrain that you will be crossing and how that will affect the kit you need. E.g. streams to cross, rough ground, distance from roads, steepness of slopes, ridges, boulders, etc.

Let the scouts work out their route, initially tracing it, and then when they've settled on a firm route to mark waypoints with pencil, and then complete the route card with all the details that they need.


  • Hike
  • Hills and valleys
  • map reading
  • route
  • route plan
  • walking

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