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Learn how to use flags to send words


* Semaphore flags - cubs will make these
* Semaphore alphabet sheets x 8
* Semaphore word cards x 2 sets
* Blank paper and pens
* Green plant sticks
* Glue or Tape


Give each cub the materials to make their own flags and two alphabet sheets for each six. Explain that semaphore can be used to communicate over a distance. Show them the different positions which each flag can be held in and give them about 5 minutes to practice the letters. Split the group into two teams and give each six three word cards. Starting with the shorter words, get the six to take it in turns to send the words to each other. Help them to position their arms correctly and take their time. If they successfully send all three words they can come up with their own words to send such as their name.
Send simple instructions - wave your arms, jump up and down, etc.


  • flags
  • semaphore
  • skill

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