Sleep Quiz

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Learn about sleep and then find out if you are getting enough of it by taking a quiz


Printouts (See attachment)


1) The leader running the activity should discuss the need for and benefits of good sleep with the cubs, giving them some basic information and then facilitating a group discussion.
2) Hand out the sheetsquiz printout and a pen/pencil, 1 per cub and ask them to put their names on their sheet
3) the leader can then either let them fill it out on there own or explain each question 1 at a time, allowing the cubs to write their answers before moving onto the next.
4) once all questions have been completed, have the cubs swap sheets with a another cub before the next step
5) the leader then goes through the quizwithnotes printout with the cubs and also tells them which answers were correct (based on the sleepquizscore doc). cubs then score the sheet they have
6) have them give the sheets back to their owners
7) discuss the results and for challenge the cubs to try to aim for a higher sleep score from this point onwards.


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