Pack for a short Hike

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What equipment is needed for a short Hike




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Packing for a Short Day Hike


- Lay out an array of items that might or might not be useful for a short day hike. These could include a waterproof, a drink and so on, but could also include items such as a computer game or a book to read
- Ask the Cub Scout to look at the selection of items and then to return to their teams and see what they can remember
- They should list the items as either useful or not useful
- Discuss their choices
- Now give them the attached sheet and ask them to colour in the useful items
- Is there anything missing from the sheet that they would consider useful or essential? For example they may all think of a mobile phone, but do any of them need to take any medication or extra biscuits in case of a ‘hypo’?
- The next step is to arrange a hike with them taking the items they feel are useful and put their predictions to the test


A rucsac
Items that you might (or might not) take on a short hike such as
A waterproof
First Aid Kit
Computer game
Cuddly toy
Packed Lunch etc

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