Message in a Balloon Game

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The group sits in their lsixes. On a piece of paper, they each write something that they have done that shows they do their best or that they have helped someone. The leader has a number of balloons and inserts the message into a balloon of that six colour before they are blown up. The Cubs then swap balloons so they all have one that is a different colour from their six. At that point, they can either take them home to read later or continue the game with a Cubgoing to the middle of the circle, sitting on the balloon until it bursts, then reads the note to the rest of the pack.


Balloons, Paper, Pen


The Cubs Form a circle (can be either sitting or standing)

Each writes on the piece of paper

They fold up the paper and push into a balloon that is the colour of their six.

A leader blows / ties the balloon.

Swap balloons.

(you can vary the activity by having them throw the balloon to the person opposite them in the circle or two people along etc - you can also pass it around by the over and under method ie over head and between legs)

If the activity continues, each cub holding a balloon goes to the middle of the circle

The Cub then sits (bounces up and down) on the balloon until it bursts (you can set a time limit)

Once they have burst the balloon they must read the message inside

Once complete the Cub returns to their place in the circle

...and it begins all over again!


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