Who am I?

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Leader gives each Scout a sticky note with something written on it they stick this on each others forehead and get to ask questions of other scout receiving only a yes or no answer to try and discover who they are


Sticky notes, pen/pencil


Leader writes out enough sticky notes for all scouts which will be either the name of a person (must be famous or someone they all know), an animal, a vegetable or a mineral

The leader or Patrol Leader or scouts carefully sticks a note on another Scouts forehead so the Scout cannot see what it says

The Scouts then mingle and ask each other questions (i.e. Am I an animal) Other Scouts can only answer Yes or No

The winner is the first to guess who they are

The game can continue until everyone has guessed who they are or start again

This game can also be played in pairs


  • communication
  • cooperative game
  • determination
  • self confidence
  • team building
  • Trust

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