Rights Cool Wall

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Discuss the items that the cubs have done during the year using a Top Gear style cool wall
This relates to an activity either in or out of the hall.
Cubs where engaged and had an interesting discussion


Masking tape to divide up the wall
Card with section tiles (cool, uncool, sub zero)
Pieces of card with rights or wants printed on them
Blu tack


Discuss the definition of a activity or event.
Each cub is given a card with a want or need written on it, things like Camps,Badges etc.
In turn each cub reads out their item and decides where it should go (uncool = want, cool = need, zubzero - right), the pack discuss if they are right and the cub sticks it where the decide.
Get them to think up items that might be 'sub zero'


  • friendship passport
  • rights

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