Have you been Bullied?

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A good way to start a talk about Bullying




Sit the scouts in a circle and ask them to use their neckers as a blindfold. Once blindfolded ask them to raise their hand honestly in response to the questions. As they are blindfolded no-one apart from the leader will know their response.

Example of questions:

Have you ever been bullied?

Have you ever bullied another person?

Have you been bullied by a person in this room?

Have you bullied another person in this room?

The leader should note how many hands are raised for each question but not the persons name and then have a discussion based on the results found. This exercise is not to find out who is being bullied or is a bully but to the numbers involved - it will be more than you think.

If done before talks about bullying and how in scouting we deal with bullying it can make more sense to the young person.

Follow this by making an Anti-Bullying code for your group/section.


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