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Learn a bit about basketball


Court and basketballs


In lodges practice bouncing the ball to each other around in a circle.

Explain that in Baskketball you can’t run with the ball but you can dribble it. Demonstrate a dribble and then they can queue up in their lodges and take turns dribbling the ball to the other side and back like a relay.

Explain you get points by getting the ball in the hoop. Others can try to jump up and stop you. Practice shooting hoops, split in half and stand in a queue in front of each hoop and take turns to try to get it in. For now we’ll say one point for getting it in.

Explain no touching each other but can try to get the ball for your team. Can throw the ball to each other or dribble it.

Try playing a game: 12 in each team have a team coach (leaders). 5 on the court at a time and coaches decide on substitutions so all get a turn (maybe substitute on every two mins, when whistle blows). Ref throws ball up in middle to start.



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