Helplines (Cubs)

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Teach the cubs how and why we might need to contact helplines such as Childline and the Police non-emergency number


Info about childline -
Info about Police 101 -


Tell the children what Childline is and how and why they might use it. Use info provided on their website. Make sure children know how they can contact Childline - phone, 1-2-1 chat (like WhatsApp) email etc.
Explain when the Police non-emergency number should be used.

We all go through difficulties in life, and it's important to remember that not every home is a happy home. If a young person needs help there are some people they can talk to. Usually their parents, their teachers or their Scout Leaders. But what if they can't speak to one of those people? Perhaps their parents aren't being nice to them, but it's the middle of the summer holidays and they can't speak to their teacher or Scout leader!

There is always help available. And it's important we know about them so we can contact them if we ever need, or so we can tell our friends about them in case they need.

Child Line is a free services which young people can contact any time they need. There's no problem too big or too small and you can talk to them about anything at all. You can phone them, talk to them via chat on their website or email them.

The phone number for ChildLine is 0800 1111 - it's a free call and it won't show up on the phone bill. Or you can visit

If you look up their website using InPrivate browsing then it won't show up in your Internet history.


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