Introduction to Scouting Quiz

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Small quiz to got through a few key facts for both Beavers and parents
To help with Membership / Investment process


The Little Book of Badge Requirements - one per Beaver
Introduction to Scouting Quiz - one per Beaver


Download the document and print out page 1 of the document found at:

(Microsoft sky drive)

Amend the bit at the top with your group name - its one of the questions :-)

Separate new beavers and go for a "quiet to talk".
Talk through the questions and show where the answers can be found in the book.
Get Beavers to put their names on the book and their little book.
Collect Books and quizzes and Beavers to give them out when they are with their parents
(Otherwise they will never make it home !)

Take the opportunity to explain what will happen when they are invested.
How to make the Scout sign, handshake.
Recite the Beaver Scout Promise, and the Beaver Scout Motto

Explain to parents the answers are in the book and they may need to help their Child.
This way parents will hopefully know how to find out about badge requirements and where they go.

Good Luck !



  • investment
  • Membership
  • Membership Award
  • Membership Award: Session 1

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