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6 bases session plan for CUBS - provides 6 bases that Cubs can do in their sixes in rotation, each base should last about 10 minutes and with a couple of minutes to change bases the session should take about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The bases help the cubs to achieve all aspects of the personal safety badge, apart from helplines and digital safety, and most importantly helps them learn two fundamental safety skills - paying attention to what is happening around you and following safety instructions. The session requires a minimum of 4 adult leaders or young helpers. 3 of the bases can be 'Sixer' led, giving Sixers a chance to practice leadership skills.


Activity Packs, white board, pens, paper

6 bases resources are:
masking tape or chalk to mark a line on the floor,
a large board game mat, 3 large counters and a large dice,
A4 paper and colour pens,
a pencil and a small peice of paper per cub,
large card with an 'A', a 'B' and a 'C'.

Also the following resources which are included or linked to in the session plan, need to be printed/prepared before the meeting - scenarios and solutions cards, decisions cards, quiz questions and answers, safety codes and activity sheets (laminted so they can be drawn on in pen, then wiped clean and used again).

The activities have been adpated from the website and the RNLI website


1. Explain the dangers of playing on or near two of these:
busy roads
building sites
gravel pits
river banks
2. Show you can use at least one of these codes:
Water Safety Code
Bathing Code
Firework Code.
3. Make up a safety code of your own choice. It could be for car passengers, train passengers or the playground.
4. Explain what you must do if a stranger starts to talk to you. What must you tell your parents or carers if you are going out without them?
5. Find out how and why you might contact a helpline like ChildLine, for example.
6. Explain the best ways to stay safe while online. Write down some common sense rules to follow while you are on the internet.
7. Memorise your address and your home telephone number or a parent’s mobile phone number.

6 bases session plan is attached with all the instructions, resources and links to and the RNLI webiste so all the materitals needed can be easily accessed.


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