Pet Night

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Beavers/Cubs bring their pet (if they have one) and tell the rest of the colony/Pack all about it. Alternatively, invite a local animal keeper or farm/zoo owner to bring in a selection of animals and discuss different animals and their care, differences and similarities etc.


Beavers/Cubs with pets (and their parent if they bring it along)/ selection of animals


Beavers/Cubs who have a pet bring it (with their parent if it needs to be controlled). They take turns to tell the rest of the colony/Pack about their pet, its name, type of animal, what it eats, how they look after it and anything else they want to say in their allotted minute or so.


  • animal friend
  • pet care
  • pets
  • show & tell

Badge Links

  • Animal Carer - Owning pet
  • Animal Carer - Pet care
  • Animal Friend - Knowledge
  • Animal Friend - Tell