Map Symbol Relay

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Cubs take in turns to run over to a map and locate the map symbol(s) requested by the leader


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Cubs stand in line on one side of the scout hut.
The first Cub runs over to their map where the leader judging their Six will ask them to find a map symbol. Once they've correctly found it they run back to their line and the next Cub runs up.
Continue until they've all had a go and once they've all done it the Six needs to sit down to indicate they've finished.
Leaders can make it as easy or difficult as they like. This makes it good to balance out the Sixes if you happen to have some Cubs that are already good at map reading.
Some symbols like a 'riding centre' might be very hard to find but you can always mix that up with 12 pubs. When we last did it, it was interesting to see that asking for 3 railway stations had some Cubs simply following a railway line to find them whilst others looked more randomly over the map to find them.


  • map reading
  • map symbols
  • relay race

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