Rewards jar

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Decorate a rewards jar to put the Beaver's bottle tops in


4 large old fashioned sweet jars
collage and craft supplies to decorate the jars


Introduce the new rewards system of good behaviour receiving a green bottle top, exceptionally good behaviour receiving a blue bottle top, but disruptive or unacceptable behaviour receiving a red bottle top. * green is worth 5 points, blue is worth 20 points and red results in 20 points being taken away.*

Provide a wide variety of collage and craft supplies and let each lodge/smaller group decorate their own large sweet jars as and how they feel. At the end of the session they are used to store all of the coloured bottle top lids that the Beavers have earned for their hopefully good behaviour.

At the end of half term, or term, the Beavers get to choose which treat they would like if they are the lodge that has collected the most points from their bottle top collection.

We linked this activity to the previous week's activity of making ground rules as a colony, where they chose which rules they wanted for their colony. Interestingly our colony came up with around 25 rules!!!!!


  • behaviour
  • craft
  • creative
  • rewards

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