The Chocolate Game

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Chocolate eating with random time windows


A wrapped bar of chocolate
A plate
A knife and fork
Some dressing-up items (at least a hat, scarf and gloves)
Two dice


Put the bar of chocolate on the plate with the knives and forks nearby and sit the children around it in a circle. Throw the pile of dressing up clothes into the circle. Give one child the dice.

Children take it in turns to roll the dice on the floor in front of them, passing them around the circle to their left. If a child rolls a double, they leap into the center of the circle, put on the dressing up clothes, and start to unwrap, then eat, the bar of chocolate - but only using the knife and fork. That child keeps going until another child rolls a double, at which point they much co-operate in handing over the dressing up clothes so that the next child gets a turn.



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