Mapping 'Roberton'

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Although no alternative for learning by doing, this team activity will test your Scouts map-reading skills and map symbol recognition. Teams compete against each other to draw a map of the fictional town 'Roberton'.


Chalk (or string and sellotape)
1 Envelope per patrol containing resources and flashcards


Before the activity:
Recreate the grid in the attached resources on the floor of your meeting place, using chalk (or string and sellotape). Only draw the main grid lines, and include the gridline numbers and reference letter. Though this may take a while, it makes the activity all the more worthwhile

The activity:

> Split the Section into small groups/patrols.

> Arrange the meeting place so that there is an area set out for each patrol to work in, and a central area with an enlarged map of Roberton.

> Give each Patrol Leader an envelope containing:
1 x Mapping Roberton a grid
1 x Task 1 explanation (there are four different copies, make sure each patrol has a different one)
1 x Task 2 explanation
10 x Map Symbol Flashcards (corresponding to the objects on their task 1 sheet)
If playing with more than four teams, duplicate the Task 1 sheets as required. (Two teams will only require 9 flashcards)

> Either explain the activity to the Patrol Leaders all together, or write the instructions for the tasks on their envelope and allow them to get on with it!

Task 1 team has to place the card for each object on the grid at the correct grid reference. Be around to make sure everyone is having an equal opportunity to participate in the task

Task 2 the teams compete to read the map quicker than the others, recording the grid references of all the objects onto their answer sheets. It is important that each team starts Task 2 at the same time, so allow the teams who finish Task 1 first to prepare themselves for the second task but not start it

Additional Information: At some point during Task 2, the brighter members of the Troop should work out that they could simply copy the answers from the other patrols question sheets. You may want to treat this as cheating, or view it as good use of initiative!


  • grid references
  • map reading
  • mapping
  • maps

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