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Info on Flag and folding, breaking, down and saluting


Instructions, Info sheet, Quiz sheet, Flag(s), Flag pole


- This activity is best done in small groups
- Gather the group and ask what they know about the Union Flag already
- Use the attached article to explain some facts about the flag, and how the flags of
the UK nations make up the flag
- After your discussion, practice folding the flag as shown in the article (a more
detailed set of instructions can be found by searching Programmes Online for 'Union
Flag - Flag Folding')

*Amendment 12/10/12*
Some things to consider (tailor depth of discussion to age range)
* Explain correct orientation of the flag.
* Demonstrate methods of setting the flag up for flag break.
* Explain & demonstrate breaking procedure, i.e. pull flag, 2 steps back (At Attention), Salute. (All other members to be stood at attention, arms by their sides, no talking until told to stand at ease.)
* Explain & demonstrate flag down procedure. (Ensure Flag doens't touch the floor)
* Explain & demonstrate different flag positions on flag pole and their meanings.

See attached PDF for further information.


  • flag
  • flag break
  • flag down
  • flag etiquette
  • Flag saluting

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