Design and Build a Bridge

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Split the Section into groups of 4
- Explain that they have to build a bridge to span a gap of 50cm using the
materials provided and that next week they will be making their chosen
deign on a bigger scale (using either staves or pioneering poles
(depending on their ability to tie strong lashings)
- Test all of the bridges to see which one holds the most weight
- If possible, leave the bridges somewhere for next week, so they can use
them to help them build their large-scale bridge... if there is nowhere safe
to store the models, take pictures and arrange to have them printed for
the Cub Scouts to work from the following week.


Clear sticky tape,
Scissors, String, White paper,
Pencils, 25cm (approx) long straws
(those without the bend are best),
tables for the bridges to rest upon
whilst the testing is taking place
tables or chairs are ideal for this




  • Building bridges
  • creative

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