Fair Trade Chocolate: the Bean to Bar Story

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Follow the amazing global journey of chocolate, from the cocoa farms in Ghana to the hands of chocolate lovers in the UK.

This project involves matching captions to photos to trace the bean to bar journey of Dubble Fairtrade Chocolate.




Ask the children where they think the chocolate journey begins.
Show them the Mim Village Photo.
Explain that some of the chocolate they eat may have started life in Mim the village in the photo.
Look at the Mim Village Photo together. Where in the world is it?
What else can we tell about the lives of the people who live here?
Main Activity the bean to bar challenge (25 minutes)

Divide the children into groups of three or four.
Give each group a set of Bean to Bar Photos.
Ask the children to look closely at their photos. What do we think is happening in them?
After a few minutes, give each group a set of Bean to Bar Captions.
Explain they have to put the photos in the right order, and match the captions with the photos.
The group who does this first wins the challenge!

Discuss the Bean to Bar Photos together.
What might have happened just before each photo was taken, or just afterwards?
If there are people in a photo, what do you think they might be saying or thinking?
Use the Bean to Bar Journey Info Sheet to help you talk through the chocolate journey with the children: from the cocoa pod on the tree to the chocolate we eat.

With the children sat down quietly, spend some moments in reflection and explain how important it is for cocoa farmers to get a fair deal for their cocoa beans:

"Life can be difficult and unpredictable for cocoa farmers. They often dont know how much they are going to get paid as the world market price changes every day.


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